Engaging and effective team communication training

Group training brings high energy and robust discussions be it media training with a management team, messaging workshops with a group of founders or business writing for your promising account managers.

Whatever the need, each participating team member will walk out of their team communication training with a new suite of leadership skills they are ready and able to use.

Training George offers team communication training for leaders or aspiring leaders on any of our communication topics.

These sessions are built upon the specific brief of the client and often includes a blend of different topics, depending on the results of the communication literature and participant audit.

Group Communication Training, Training George, Sydney

The role of the leadership communication coach is to understand the client, brand communication style, current communication skills of the participants, personal and organisational objectives and the communication frameworks and tools with which they must work.

Prior to commencing your organisation’s group training session, our head communication trainer and specialist, Marie El Daghl, will spend time auditing your communication assets. It is likely she will meet with the relevant managers to gain their perspective on the performance of the participants; areas of improvement; the business / industry environment and their desired outcomes.

Communication coaching topics

Every Training George Communication topic area is offered in group based sessions. This includes presentation training, effective communication, business writing, media training and more.

More communication training and coaching topics here.  Contact us for a custom course.

The Training George approach to team communication training

Our group sessions are thorough by design and fun to experience.

Training George brings interesting and relevant content to the table, to ensure the participants stay engaged and enjoy the experience. All sessions include a mix of theory and practice opportunities. Team communication training is delivered over either one or two days depending on the size of the group and the course.

Group sessions can really amplify the mood of the room, which is why fun is so important. Participants are kept engaged to ensure they can get the most out of their valuable learning opportunity.

Training and coaching location

Team communication training can be held at the participants office or at an external location. What is of importance is a comfortable private space, with a large digital screen and no distractions. Location can be worked out at the time of booking.

A training day is a long day! Food and beverages should also be provided throughout the day.

Interested? Here's what's next.

If you’re interested in exploring how team communication training could work for you, book a free consultation now.  A consultation may take up to an hour and will be conducted via video or phone call. After this consultation, you will receive a service and fee proposal for your consideration. If the proposal suits your requirements, an in person meeting will be set up. This is where you or the participant and the trainer will have the opportunity to ask questions and ensure the chemistry is right before embarking on your team’s communication development journey.

Team communication training your staff will love:


“We came to Marie with a product and close to no idea how to sell it. Not only did she help Purifas articulate its key ideas and messages, she did it in a way that fostered a brand, grabbed attention and elevated the esteem of the product to new heights. Her ability to articulate ideas and facts  showed how great of an understanding she had of our brand and its position, and the future direction we needed to take it. Marie is exceptional at highlighting our point of difference and making sure we stood out amongst the rest and for that Purifas is forever indebted to her.”

Ibrahim Samaan, CEO, Purifas.

“Marie’s outstanding communication experience and expertise not only makes her a great trainer – but great at spotting what is hindering the communication of key messages. Her training not only prepared me for a new media facing role, but also helped identify the gaps that the organisation needed to fill to make the narrative compelling and believable – regardless of who was sharing it. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in a serious and thorough lesson in communication”.

Sarah Pike, Former VP Marketing & Communication

“Marie looks at communication on an individual and organisational level – before getting to the specifics of communicating with media. Her training is thorough, well put together, highly engaging and effective. I highly recommend her to anyone with leadership aspirations and any organisation that takes its brand and reputation seriously.”

Tamara Jawad - PR & Public Affairs Manager

“Marie did exactly what she said she would. She listened. She took my thoughts and aspirations for the business out of my mind and perfectly articulated them in the most beautifully simple and inspiring way. Our Vision, Mission and Values are set and perfectly capture what it is that we are trying to achieve. And most importantly, are crystal clear and exciting for all staff current and future to embrace and proudly work towards.”

Abraham Hatoum, CEO


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