Meet Marie.

Marie El Daghl, Communication Expert, Training George Sydney,

Marie El Daghl is a communication expert and amateur stand-up comedian.

She has dedicated her career to helping individuals and brands communicate effectively. Despite originally studying journalism, she quickly found an affinity for public relations, a field she excelled in, working with small, medium and blue chip brands across industries including technology, finance, FMCG, retail, sports and much more. Her work involved developing communication strategies and overseeing their execution, as well as preparing and training business leaders to ensure they can compellingly tell their professional or organisational stories, in friendly and hostile environments.

Her training, coaching and facilitation experience is diverse and includes media training the French Ambassador to Australia as well as senior executives from leading global brands such as Mastercard, Nespresso and the CEO of Sumo Salad; comms & media training members of the Paramatta Eels board; re-defining the Mission, Vision and Values of organisations such as iNova pharmaceuticals and Looksmart Alterations and conducting messaging workshops for new Cryptocurrency Havven and Loyalty Solutions, a division of Mastercard.

She established Training George after watching Academy Award winning movie ‘The Kings Speech’. Dedicated to working with the best people in their fields who may feel trapped in in their thoughts or fears, Marie helps them free their mind, find their voice and make their words infectious. Her trademark humour is disarming, brings ease to clients and helps unlock their potential.

Marie has a Master’s degree in Organisational Communications, Diploma in Digital Marketing and Certificate of Training and Assessment. Qualifications aside, she has a deep passion for the field of communication and takes great pride and pleasure in watching her clients flourish personally and professionally as they become exceptional communicators.

When she’s not training leaders, she’s performing stand-up comedy or being masterfully manipulated by her two young children. She also does the housework and is currently perfecting her microwave cooking skills.


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“We came to Marie with a product and close to no idea how to sell it. Not only did she help Purifas articulate its key ideas and messages, she did it in a way that fostered a brand, grabbed attention and elevated the esteem of the product to new heights. Her ability to articulate ideas and facts  showed how great of an understanding she had of our brand and its position, and the future direction we needed to take it. Marie is exceptional at highlighting our point of difference and making sure we stood out amongst the rest and for that Purifas is forever indebted to her.”

Ibrahim Samaan, CEO, Purifas.

“Marie’s outstanding communication experience and expertise not only makes her a great trainer – but great at spotting what is hindering the communication of key messages. Her training not only prepared me for a new media facing role, but also helped identify the gaps that the organisation needed to fill to make the narrative compelling and believable – regardless of who was sharing it. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in a serious and thorough lesson in communication”.

Sarah Pike, Former VP Marketing & Communication

“Marie looks at communication on an individual and organisational level – before getting to the specifics of communicating with media. Her training is thorough, well put together, highly engaging and effective. I highly recommend her to anyone with leadership aspirations and any organisation that takes its brand and reputation seriously.”

Tamara Jawad - PR & Public Affairs Manager

“Marie did exactly what she said she would. She listened. She took my thoughts and aspirations for the business out of my mind and perfectly articulated them in the most beautifully simple and inspiring way. Our Vision, Mission and Values are set and perfectly capture what it is that we are trying to achieve. And most importantly, are crystal clear and exciting for all staff current and future to embrace and proudly work towards.”

Abraham Hatoum, CEO