Don’t google good business presentation templates

Get one off instant support from a communication expert.

If you’re up late, googling how to present like a pro or good business presentation templates, you might find a good article, but you won’t end up with a good result.


Communication is so unique to every individual, business, scenario, audience – you won’t find the answers you need to make a real impact in a template. You’ll find them within yourself, and within your audience.


Training George can quickly prepare you to deliver a professional presentation, speech, media interview or business critical email. Whatever the topic or timeline, our team will work with you online and ensure you get the best possible outcome. Forget looking for good business presentation templates and invest in yourself for the best outcome in this instance and in the future.

One off assistance communication training, Training George Sydney

One off communication support topics:

We can help you with a wide range of communication needs. Some will be unique to your circumstances others may be standard including:


  • Media interview preparation
  • Business email writing
  • Business or organisational marketing collateral
  • Speech review and editing
  • Speech rehearsal
  • Corporate presentation review and editing
  • Presentation rehearsal
  • Media statement development
  • Issues management guidance
  • Pitch deck proof reading


If you’re interested in our one on one communication support offering, book a free consultation now. A consultation will only take 10 minutes and will be conducted via video or phone call. All information provided during the call or in our booking form is 100% confidential.

Urgent support required on very tight timelines?

We’d be happy to help. Just tick ‘urgent request’ in the consultation booking form and we’ll prioritise your request.

What clients say.

“We came to Marie with a product and close to no idea how to sell it. Not only did she help Purifas articulate its key ideas and messages, she did it in a way that fostered a brand, grabbed attention and elevated the esteem of the product to new heights. Her ability to articulate ideas and facts  showed how great of an understanding she had of our brand and its position, and the future direction we needed to take it. Marie is exceptional at highlighting our point of difference and making sure we stood out amongst the rest and for that Purifas is forever indebted to her.”

Ibrahim Samaan, CEO, Purifas.

“Marie’s outstanding communication experience and expertise not only makes her a great trainer – but great at spotting what is hindering the communication of key messages. Her training not only prepared me for a new media facing role, but also helped identify the gaps that the organisation needed to fill to make the narrative compelling and believable – regardless of who was sharing it. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in a serious and thorough lesson in communication”.

Sarah Pike, Former VP Marketing & Communication

“Marie looks at communication on an individual and organisational level – before getting to the specifics of communicating with media. Her training is thorough, well put together, highly engaging and effective. I highly recommend her to anyone with leadership aspirations and any organisation that takes its brand and reputation seriously.”

Tamara Jawad - PR & Public Affairs Manager

“Marie did exactly what she said she would. She listened. She took my thoughts and aspirations for the business out of my mind and perfectly articulated them in the most beautifully simple and inspiring way. Our Vision, Mission and Values are set and perfectly capture what it is that we are trying to achieve. And most importantly, are crystal clear and exciting for all staff current and future to embrace and proudly work towards.”

Abraham Hatoum, CEO


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